Dusty from the last adventure, but ready to go!

_DSC4778Some of the mods added over the last two years include an ARB Bull Bar, Terrafirma Rock Sliders, Terrafirma Steering Guard, Mammouth Wing Tops, Safari Snorkel, BFG Mud Terrains MK2 265/75/16, Front Runner auxiliary Fuel Tank, Front Runner Roof Rack, Howling Moon Roof Tent, Tigers11 Awning and 12,000 pound Winch running plasma rope.

_DSC4774On the rear is a Land Rover OEM Tow Bar, Front Runner Wheel Carrier and a hand designed bracket for the Shovel.

_DSC4494In the back are two drawers and two window boxes, giving a total of 480 litre of storage. Access to the window boxes is now easier, via the pop up side window.

_DSC2259 _DSC6159

A 40 litre Engel Fridge is mounted behind the passenger seat (left) for easy access; thanks to a little mod the rear doors now open 90°. This still leaves plenty of flexible room for storage boxes on two levels in the back.

_DSC2250 _DSC2246


We also added various power outlets throughout, plus a dimmable LED strip over the rear door, and a LED worklight at the rear.


To keep us entertained we have an Alpine radio with iPod interface, and Cruise Control a rest.  UHF radio and Garmin GPS are installed. Electrical power is provided by two 90aH batteries, a lead acid starter battery and a Full River AGM battery for accessories. A ctek D250s DC/DC split charger is used to manage the batteries as well as the 80 watt Solar Cells which are installed under the roof rack using drawer runners, also under the seat is a ctek 240v charger, for use when mains power is available, and the fusebox for all the accessories. In addition we installed a manual dual circuit battery switch, to either kill, separate or join the batteries.

_DSC2642 _DSC6170

_DSC6187 _DSC6190

_DSC6169 _DSC6164

We added a number of additional grab handles, both above the passenger door as well as on the A pillar, we also replaced the once on the door to give a little more knee room.  The curtains provide some additional privacy should we decide to sleep inside the car when in town.  We have mounted a fire extinguisher to the rear door and retained the original handle, now mounted upside down.

_DSC6180 _DSC6163

_DSC2344Permanently installed under the bonnet, tucked in next to the heater unit, is a Thomson Big Red air compressor used for tyre inflation and blowing out the air filter etc; we also found room for a heat exchanger (black cylinder thing) and a marine pump providing us with running hot water for the shower.


We have two water tanks mounted underneath the Landy, one 36 litre Front Runner poly in the rear quarter panel, mainly used for drinking water and one 31 litre stainless steel tank in the middle, mainly for the shower; an additional 50 liter can be carried inside in bladders if required. The plumbing is pretty versatile; we can suck water either from the tank, or from a bucket or river to have a shower. We can also suck water from a bucket/river into the tanks, or fill the tanks with a hose from the mains tap, all with the one build in water pump; when required we attach an inline 1 micron water filter to ensure we have safe drinking water.

_DSC2346 _DSC2630



To add a little more robustness to the Landy we have upgraded the drive shafts, flanges and CVs to heavy duty Ashcroft stuff as well as added a Front Runner diff guard and an 8mm alloy bash plate at the front.

Front coils are Land Rover OEM 110HD/130 and at the rear some Polyair bags and a 20mm spring spacer to level it all out.

Vic High Christmas '10 - 90 _DSC4573


Tucked underneath the roof rack we slide the solar panel, dinning table and a handy little side-table; up top we  have a Howling Moon Roof Tent, an Awning and a Space Case storage box.

If you are not completely bored yet, you can link across to our Flickr page for more and larger photos.


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