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How did we meet?  I found Frankie in the bushes 🙂   Almost 20 years ago when I was riding around with the boys, we met Frankie on the trails one day.  He was all by himself so I invited him to ride with us.
He had moved to Manly just 3 days ago, was new in the country, knew no-one, and had no friends here 😦   so I invited him to come to a friend’s birthday dinner that night.   He slotted in perfectly as it turns out he did all the things we did; ie was right into MTB, was right into Windsurfing, was right into snow skiing/boarding, etc, etc, etc.

Fast forward some years (about 12 years ago)……….    We were still riding bikes, also racing, going to the snow, going bush in our 4WD Ute (had a few Desert trips under our belt)  ………It’s about now that Frankie starts talking about driving through Africa.  The interest to “drive back home” to Germany continues, but rapidly develops into a mild obsession.   It doesn’t matter what he says, it was clear to me (back then) that he would make this trip happen one day.

Africa Dreaming continued, and about 8 years ago the choice of car got narrowed down to Defender.  But even though “Defender Obsession” had set in, he was not quite happy with the then current model, so in the meantime, we bought yet another Hilux (our third).
Finally the (acceptable) Defender “Puma” was released which, together with the continuing dumbing down of each Hilux model, helped Frankie make up his mind……  Still planning Africa, he was now also happily designing what was to be our next car.

Oxford Falls - s2

We have been on many trips, remote and other adventures.  This is yet another, Frankie’s plan and I am lucky to be coming along for the ride.

I am a food technologist and work for Belaroma Coffee as green bean buyer, taster, quality assurance.  I hope to  visit some coffee facilities along the way in various producing countries we travel through.
Being quite a homely person, 12 months seems a while so I’m hoping for safe travels and all being well at home.


Frank_1Having done various 4WD trips around Australia over the last 15 years,  and previously, some extensive backpacking through Asia, plus European travels; Cape Town to Cairo was starting to float to the top of the bucket list of must do Road Trips. Following many years of toying with the idea, various things starting to fall into place, and we became more and more serious about the trip around 2010.

In June 2011, whilst on route to Cape York, we bumped into Anita & Roger (, an inspirational Swiss couple who were on their second big Overland trip in their Land Rover. Talking to them got the juices flowing; and when we returned from the Cape a month later, the Africa trip moved from dreamtime into the planning phase. In January 2012 we then meet up with Sabine & Burkhard (, a German couple who, at that stage, had been on the road for almost eight years, predominantly in Africa. Having a few days with them really started to firm things up; and when Marianne and Stan (, two fellow Australian Land Rover Club members, headed off on their big adventure in early 2012, shipping from Melbourne to Cape Town our mind was made up and we set our departure date for August 2013.

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