Luderitz to Swakopmund

06 Sep

30/8/13 Back to the coast, diamond areas and the cold Atlantic of Luderitz. The town’s campsite is right at the end of the point, absolute prime real estate, however quite exposed for camping and our down jackets were unpacked again for the cold night air.


All is good if you can get out of the wind, with some German food and German beer that’s cheaper than in Germany, (disappointing for a coastal town, the fish dish was inedible).


Luderitz is in a super windy area, also chosen for the windsurfing speed record attempt. We stumbled across the trench where the record was broken at 52knots last year! (or around 100km)?


Diamond mining still occurs in the area and just offshore; however Kolmanskop is now a ghost town. We wandered in and out of many buildings, most now filled with sand.

Kolmanskop DSC_7808

DSC_7784 DSC_7850

Back inland to Aus, where there were hundreds of horses sleeping and standing outside the ladies toilets. The Sperrgerbiet (forbidden diamond areas) ran on both side of the road all the way from Luderitz.


Sossesvlai 3/9/13
Stunning scenery and Number 1 attraction of Namibia. The sunrise climb is the thing to do. Tick. (See pics in photo galley)

There are 3 areas with giant granite monoliths. We did two. The campsite was a couple km from a uranium mine, which proudly sponsor the campground’s garbage service! The noises from 24hr/day digging and trucks moving around carried in the night air.

Blutkuppe - Granite Monolithlooking up,DSC_8096 looking down to camp.


IMG_3312 DSC_8135

Swakopmund - Skeleton Coast

Swakopmund, a town which is more German than Germany. Finally fresh seafood, properly cooked steaks, and fantastic groceries again! Makes the cold foggy climate very bearable.

DSC_7929 DSC_8029

Fairy Rings – These bald spots in the grasses of Namibia are unexplained and cover vast areas.

IMG_3285 Not much rain for Solitaire




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