South Namibia

29 Aug

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DSC_733825/8/13 Across the Orange River was Namibia, with amazing landscapes deserts, spectacular mountains, lunar scapes and mars scapes.

I thought we had driven to Mars when we were heading into Ai Ais hot springs resort. We had a soak in the hot pools and walked to a lookout with stunning views.

Fish River Canyon

27/8/13 Fish river canyon – again, more spectacular views.

Fish River Canyon - Charley Boorman DSC_7365

We crossed paths with Charlie Boorman motorbike tours twice that day. They pull into Ai Ais for morning tea, and later into Fish River Canyon. He was not scared of messing around on the very edge of the cliff. They were going to be in Victoria Falls in 6 days. We will take around 6 weeks to get there.


We stopped well back from the cliff edge for all of our photos.

DSC_744328/8/13 We were passing the LR repairer Johan Strauss of Steinfeld Garage, so dropped by to replace a worn shock bush. Wow, what a stunning property, and he also has a canyon (with descent 4wd tracks as we discovered). We passed Johan on his way to a job, on the 5km drive to the house; his assistant Korvas sorted us out and then suggested we take a drive around the property to kill an hour or so; by then Johan should be back so we could pay.

DSC_7461He gave us no warning but I would suggest not to head down into the canyon unless 4wd experienced: technical, rocky, low range 1st, with some track rebuild required; some unexpected fun. (When driving gets interesting, it becomes my turn and I push Frankie out of the drivers seat to take photos). We continued for a few kms along their fence line (the property seemed endless), time was passing, so we turned around to return to the house, down and up the canyon again.


Other common scenes of South Namibia:

Social Weaver Birds Nest


Social Weavers build large nests in many trees (or here a telegraph pole). They are very busy flying in and out, threading straw into the nest like thatched roofs.

We try to make friends with small creatures.

There are many Quiver tree “forests”. They are actually not trees but aloe plant.


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